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Pet Relocation in Viet Nam

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    Overview of international pet relocation services in 2024

    When deciding to send pets abroad, many people often wonder if they can travel by plane with their pets. With the support from Helen Express, transporting cats and dogs by plane becomes feasible. We ensure handling all paperwork, customs procedures, and pet transportation safely and efficiently, ensuring you can relax on the journey with your beloved furry friends without worries. Let's find out more details about this pet relocation service.

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    What Are Pet Relocation Services?

    Pet relocation services refer to specialized logistics and transportation solutions designed to move pets from one location to another, either domestically or internationally. These services ensure that pets are transported safely, comfortably, and in compliance with all relevant regulations. Pet relocation companies handle various aspects of the process.

    Rising Demand for International Pet Transportation Services

    The need for international pet transportation services is rapidly increasing, driven by factors such as the surge in pet ownership, higher human mobility, stricter transportation regulations, and a growing demand for premium services.It’s expressed through the following factors:

    Boom in Pet Ownership

    According to Mordor Intelligence, the global pet services market is projected to soar to USD 31.57 billion by 2029, growing at a robust compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.40% from 2024 to 2029. AGlobal highlights that the number of pet-owning households surged in 2022, a trend that shows no sign of slowing. Consequently, spending on pets has also hit new highs compared to previous years.


    Rising demand for international pet transportation services

    Increased Human Mobility

    With people moving more frequently due to work, travel, or personal reasons, the need for reliable pet transportation is more critical than ever. The trend of traveling with pets is gaining traction, further driving the demand for secure and convenient pet transport services.

    Stricter Pet Transportation Regulations

    To ensure the health and safety of both animals and humans, many countries and regions have implemented more rigorous pet transportation regulations. This has led to a surge in demand for professional pet transport services equipped with the expertise to navigate these complex requirements.

    Rising Demand for Premium Pet Transportation Services

    Pet owners are increasingly prioritizing the well-being and comfort of their furry companions during transit. They are willing to invest in premium pet transport services that offer luxuries like air-conditioned vehicles, spacious accommodations, and attentive care.


    Latest methods for international pet relocation in 2024

    Popular Methods Of Pet Relocation Service

    Sending pets abroad is becoming an increasingly popular choice, especially when pet owners move to developed countries with spacious living environments, modern infrastructure, and professional health care for pets. There are three main methods of transportation: in-cabin with the owner, checked baggage, or as cargo, each offering unique benefits.

    In-Cabin with the Owner

    This method is suitable for small pets. They can comfortably lie in a carrier placed under the passenger seat. Whether pets are allowed in the cabin depends on the pet-friendly policies of each airline, with specific regulations regarding size and weight (usually under 6kg).

    Checked Baggage with the Owner

    This option is ideal for larger pets. Although they cannot sit in the cabin, the owner can still save on transportation costs by having the pet travel on the same flight. Before transporting pets to destinations like the USA, airlines conduct thorough checks to ensure sufficient oxygen levels in the cargo hold.

    To address concerns about pet health, pilots typically monitor oxygen levels in the pet cabin and ensure the temperature remains stable, between 25-28 degrees Celsius, promising a safe and comfortable journey for pets and their owners.

    Cargo: Pets Fly Alone to the Destination Airport

    Using specialized pet relocation service allows pets to travel independently. These services handle all procedures, paperwork, carriers, and flight arrangements to the destination airport. The recipient then collects the pet by presenting identification at the airport.

    Each transportation method has its pros and cons. Helen Express offers advice and full support based on your needs. Contact us via Hotline 0938 320 357 – 0932 86 5859 for the best services and offers!

    Pet Transportation Process in Vietnam

    Here are the main steps when using Helen Express's professional pet relocation service to countries like the USA, Canada, and European countries:

    Step 1: Initial Consultation

    • Pet species, size, and suitable carrier.

    • Preferential transportation rates.

    • Necessary documents and procedures.

    Step 2: Contract Signing

    After the consultation, customers sign a service contract and make a deposit if necessary.

    Step 3: Carrier Size Testing

    The company provides a carrier for the customer to test for proper size and convenience.

    Step 4: Completing Documents

    This step ensures the pet meets transportation requirements. The company:

    • Prepares vaccination records and takes photos of the pet.

    • Completes documents confirming the pet's eligibility for international transport.

    Step 5: Booking Flight

    Helen Express selects the airline and purchases a suitable ticket for the pet based on the customer's conditions and needs.

    Step 6: Transporting the Pet to the Airport

    The pet is transported to the airport 6 hours before the flight. The company handles airline procedures and prepares for the flight.

    Step 7: Monitoring the Pet

    During the flight, lasting over 24 hours, the company continuously updates the pet's flight information for the owner.

    Procedures for Taking Pets Abroad

    Before discussing the procedures for taking your beloved pet abroad, you need to thoroughly research important information, from the import regulations of the destination country to the policies of reputable airlines that transport pets, as not all airlines allow pet transportation.

    Here are some airlines that allow pets to fly with the owner:

    • Vietnam Airlines

    • ANA

    • EVA

    • Korean Air

    • Turkey Airline

    • Qatar

    • Lufthansa

    Once you confirm that your pet can travel with you, you need to prepare the necessary documents. According to current regulations, the following documents and procedures are required for pet export/import:

    • Health certificate from a certified veterinarian.

    • Export animal quarantine certificate.

    • Rabies Vaccination Certificate.

    • Animal Health Certificate for Export.

    • Rabies antibody test: Blood test to confirm your pet has antibodies against rabies.

    • Transit permit for the transit country.

    • Import permit for pets into countries like the USA, Canada, etc.

    Depending on the destination country's regulations, you may also need:

    • Import documents.

    • Quarantine period.

    • Waiting time after rabies test.

    • Commitment not to transport pets for commercial purposes.

    Why Choose Professional pet relocation service?

    Sending pets abroad is a significant decision that requires careful planning. To ensure pets are safe and well cared for throughout the journey, it is advisable to use professional pet relocation service. These services guarantee that your pet receives the best possible care.

    The primary benefit of professional services is the safety assurance for your pet. With strict procedures and standards, professional pet transportation ensures your pet is transported safely.

    Additionally, professional services provide comprehensive care packages before, during, and after the flight, including food, water, and even toys to help reduce stress for your pet during the journey.

    Another advantage is convenience. Professional services handle all the export procedures and necessary paperwork, saving you time and effort in preparing for your pet's travel.

    By choosing professional services, you ensure your pet's safety, receive comprehensive care, and enjoy convenience. It's important to select a reputable and experienced service to guarantee your pet is transported safely and on time.

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    Helen Express Trusted Pet Relocation Service

    Helen Express is one of the leading companies providing professional and reputable pet relocation service by air in Vietnam. With 8 years of experience, we have built a reputation based on "understanding."

    Helen Express understands the deep bond between pet owners and their pets. We view pets as family members, not just animals.

    Therefore, Helen Express offers professional pet relocation service with outstanding advantages:

    • Experienced and well-trained staff in pet transportation.

    • Modern pet transportation systems ensuring absolute safety for pets.

    • Comprehensive pet care and customer support.

    • Competitive pricing, reasonable rates, and pet transport insurance.

    • Full support for necessary export/import procedures.

    With these advantages, Helen Express is confident in being the top choice for professional, safe, and reliable pet relocation service. Trust our team for thorough and attentive service.

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    Additional Considerations for In-Cabin Pet Travel

    If traveling with your pet in the cabin, consider the following:

    • Verify airlines that allow in-cabin pet travel, such as Vietnam Airlines, ANA, EVA, Korean Air.

    • Ensure you have a confirmed ticket and that the airline has acknowledged the pet's travel in the cabin.

    Pet Carrier Requirements

    When sending pets abroad, it’s crucial to minimize stress, especially by preparing the best and most comfortable pet carrier. Pets are permitted for air transport if they are carefully and properly contained in approved carriers:

    • Carriers must be made from sturdy, safe materials per IATA standards, with a single entry/exit point to ensure security.

    • Multiple ventilation holes ensure proper airflow.

    • The bottom should be lined with absorbent material for pet health.

    • All four sides of the carrier should be securely fastened with ties or padding.

    • Ensure the carrier size allows the pet to stand, sit, and lie naturally.

    • Food and water containers must be securely attached for easy refilling.

    FAQs - Pet relocation service.

    Can I bring my pet's food?

    Yes, you can bring your pet's food on the flight. Ensure it is sealed and odorless to avoid disturbing other passengers.

    What if my pet gets sick during the flight?

    If your pet shows signs of illness, inform airline staff immediately for assistance. Stay calm and monitor your pet’s condition closely.

    With Helen Express's reputable and affordable pet relocation service in Ho Chi Minh City, you can be assured your pet will travel safely. We provide the best care measures to ensure your pet's health and safety during transport. Contact us for detailed consultation and quotes!

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