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    Professional International Dog Relocation Services in 2024

    Professional International Dog Relocation Services in 2024

    Nowadays, with the increasing demand for international dog relocation service, many transport services have emerged. However, finding a service that is dedicated, reputable, and highly committed is indeed not easy. Understanding this challenge, in the article below, we will provide customers with knowledge about dog relocation services. Additionally, we will cover the related processes and procedures. Let's take a look.

    Overview of International dog relocation Services

    International dog relocation service refer to businesses or professionals specializing in transporting dogs from one location to another. This can range from pre-arranged appointments within the same town, nationwide transport as part of pet relocation, or even international shipping.


    Overview of International dog relocation Services

    These services must be insured, experienced in handling dogs, and provide comfortable and safe transportation means. Costs vary based on the distance traveled, the type of transport required, and any special needs your dog may have.

    Using such services can be essential for those without appropriate transportation means, and it can also help reduce stress when moving or relocating pets to another part of the world. Below, we will take a closer look at dog relocation service, including the types of services available and what to look for when considering how to transport your dog across the country.

    (Source: https://www.dogster.com/lifestyle/what-are-dog-transportation-service)

    Benefits of Professional dog relocation Services

    Finding a professional dog relocation service will provide customers with several benefits, including:

    Safety and Health of Pets:

    Professional international dog relocation services offer numerous benefits, particularly regarding the safety and health of pets. These services provide specially designed transport vehicles and crates for dogs, ensuring safety, ventilation, and comfort throughout the journey. Pet health care is a top priority, with continuous health monitoring, adequate food and water supply, and the presence of a veterinarian to promptly address any health issues. This comprehensive care helps to minimize stress and anxiety for the pets.


    Benefits of Professional dog relocation Services

    Convenience for Customers:

    In addition to ensuring the safety and health of pets, professional transportation services offer significant convenience for customers. These services handle all administrative procedures and documentation required for pet import and export, saving customers time and effort. Customers do not need to worry about any procedures from preparation and transportation to receiving their pet at the destination. Additionally, customers receive regular updates on the status of their pets throughout the journey, providing peace of mind.

    Peace of Mind and Trust:

    Peace of mind and trust are crucial factors when using professional international dog relocation services. Trained and experienced staff in pet care and international transport ensure that pets are handled with the utmost care. Reputable companies with years of experience in international pet transportation build trust with their customers. Additionally, safety insurance is an important aspect, providing compensation in case of any incidents during transport, which further reassures customers.

    Illustrative Statistics:

    Illustrative statistics clearly show the benefits of professional international dog relocation services. According to the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA), the demand for international pet transportation has increased by an average of 10% per year over the past five years. This indicates that more and more pet owners trust and use these services when relocating to another country.

    Additionally, 75% of pet owners use professional transportation services when moving internationally, and over 90% of customers are satisfied with the professional international dog relocation services.


    Latest Methods for International dog relocation in 2024

    Currently, there are three main methods to send dogs internationally, each with its own characteristics suitable for different situations:


    Latest Methods for International dog relocation in 2024

    In-Cabin Travel with the Owner

    • Ideal for: Small, light dogs (under 7kg) that fit into airline-approved carriers.

    • Advantages: Pets can stay with their owners throughout the flight, reducing stress and anxiety.

    • Limitations: The number of pets allowed in the cabin is very limited, the process is complex, and the cost is higher.

    Checked Baggage with the Owner

    • Ideal for: Larger dogs (7kg and above).

    • Advantages: Pets travel on the same flight as their owners, which is safer compared to cargo.

    • Limitations: Dogs must remain in their carriers throughout the journey, which can be stressful. Costs are higher compared to cargo transport.

    Cargo Transport: Pets Fly Alone to the Destination Airport

    • Ideal for: Dogs of all sizes and weights.

    • Advantages: Simpler procedures and the lowest cost among the three methods.

    • Limitations: Pets must fly alone, which can cause more stress. It's essential to choose a

    These methods cater to different needs and circumstances, providing options for pet owners to choose the best way to transport their dogs internationally.

    (Source: https://www.iata.org/en/youandiata/travelers/traveling-with-pets/ )

    Types of Dogs Allowed and Not Allowed for International Transportation

    To ensure the safe international transportation of dogs, it is essential to understand which breeds are permitted and which are restricted. Here is a detailed list of allowed and prohibited dog breeds:


    Types of Dogs Allowed and Not Allowed for International Transportation

    Breeds Allowed for International Shipment

    Breeds Not Allowed for International Shipment


    Boston Terrier

    Boxers (all breeds)

    Brussels Griffin

    Bull (all breeds)

    Bull Terrier

    Pug (all breeds)

    Chow Chow

    Dogue de Bordeaux

    English Toy Spaniel

    Japanese Chin

    Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

    Lhasa Apso

    Mastiffs (all breeds)


    Presa Canario

    Shar Pei

    Shih Tzu

    Tibetan Spaniel

    American Pit Bull Terrier

    American Staffordshire Terrier

    Fila Brasileiro

    Tosa Inu

    Pit Bull Terrier

    Dogo Argentino (Argentine Mastiff)

    Cane Corso

    International Dog Shipping Process

    Here is the international dog relocation process detailed in 4 steps:

    Step 1: Preparation before Transport

    • Check Entry Requirements: Research the entry requirements of the destination country, including necessary documents, quarantine, and vaccination requirements.

    • Health Check: Take the dog for a health check with a veterinarian and obtain a health certificate.

    • Vaccination and Testing: Ensure the dog is fully vaccinated and undergoes any tests required by the destination country.

    • Prepare Documents: Gather all necessary documents, including a pet passport, vaccination certificate, health certificate, and any other required papers.

    Step 2: Choosing Transportation and Carrier

    • Select an Airline: Research and select an airline that offers pet transportation services and has suitable policies.

    • Choose a Carrier: Select an appropriate carrier that fits the dog's size and weight, ensuring it is well-ventilated and secure.

    • Label the Carrier: Attach labels to the carrier, including the owner's contact information, the dog's name, and any necessary instructions.

    Step 3: Transport Process

    • Bring the Dog to the Airport: Arrive early at the airport to complete transportation procedures, including weighing the carrier and packing the dog.

    • Security Check: The carrier will undergo a security check to ensure no dangerous items are inside.

    • Monitor the Flight: Track the flight and stay in contact with the airline to check the status of the dog's transport.

    Step 4: Entry Procedures and Dog Retrieval

    • Check Documents at Destination: Upon arrival, verify all documents to ensure they are in order.

    • Customs Clearance: Complete customs procedures for the dog, including document and health checks.

    • Retrieve the Dog: Collect the dog at the baggage claim area or a special pet reception area.

    • Post-Transport Health Check: Take the dog for a health check to ensure there are no issues after the transport.

    By following this process, you will ensure that international dog relocation goes smoothly and safely for your pet.

    Standards for Dog Carriers for International Transport

    The standards for dog carriers for international transport are divided into two categories: IATA standards and wooden crate standards. Details are as follows:


    Standards for Dog Carriers for International Transport

    General Requirements

    IATA cage requirements for pet transportation

    General requirements

    Wooden Crate Standards


    The carrier must allow the pet to stand, sit upright, lie down in a natural position, and turn around normally. Carriers made entirely of welded mesh or wire mesh are not permitt

    Wooden cage structure

    The carrier must be made of screw-assembled wood or plywood and lined with solid wood or plywood with a minimum thickness of 12 mm.

    Door locks and hinges

    The locks and hinges of plastic carriers must be attached at least 1.6 cm away from the horizontal bars above and below the door.

    Size hole

    The maximum size for welded mesh holes is 25 mm x 25 mm.

    The openings must be paw and nose-proof.


    At least 16% of the total surface area of the four sides of the carrier must be ventilated.

    All openings must be paw and nose-proof.

    Welded mesh

    The mesh must be attached to the outside of the frame with staples that are at least 20 mm long and spaced less than 25 mm apart.

    The thickness of the welded mesh must be at least 12 gauge.

    Contains water

    Chuồng cần có thùng chứa nước bên trong có phễu bên ngoài để đổ đầy nước mà không cần mở cửa cũi

    Wood frame

    Wooden framing is required to cover the edges of the wire mesh, complying with IPPC regulations or made from manufacturer-specified wood.

    The wooden frame must be secured with screws to compress the mesh between the frame and the outside of the carrier.

    Number of pets in the cage

    Adult pets

    A maximum of 2 animals of the same species and similar size, each weighing less than 14 kg, that are accustomed to living together, may travel in the same carrier.

    Barn floor

    Must be sturdy and leak-proof.

    young pets

    A maximum of 3 kittens or puppies under 6 months old and from the same litter are permitted to travel in the same carrier.

    Cage door

    The door can be sliding or hinged and must form the entire front of the container.

    It must be made of metal or molded or welded plastic with sufficient thickness to prevent the animal from damaging the door.

    If mesh is used for the door, it must be paw and nose-proof to prevent injury to the animal.

    Special regulations

    • Females with unweaned young are not permitted to fly.

    • All pets must be at least 8 weeks old.

    • Snub-nosed dogs require extra ventilation due to respiratory issues.

    (Source: https://www.aeropets.co.nz/pet-transport-advice/airline-approved-cages-pet-transport/#:~:text=IATA%20cage%20requirements,not%20allowed%20for%20air%20travel. )

    Notes for International Dog Transport

    Here are some important considerations for customers when transporting dogs internationally:

    Acclimate Your Pet to the Carrier Before the Flight

    • To reduce stress, familiarize your pet with the carrier before the flight.

    Choose a Reasonable Flight

    • Book flights with fewer connections or layovers to minimize waiting and transit times.

    • Select departure and arrival times to avoid extreme temperatures. For example, arriving at a hot destination at night may be better for your pet.

    Consult Your Veterinarian

    • Consult your veterinarian before flying. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) advises against using sedatives or tranquilizers as they can harm animals during the flight.

    Exercise Your Pet

    • Take your pet for a walk before leaving home and again before check-in to help them relax and expend energy.

    Check Pets in the Cabin

    • If your pet is allowed in the cabin, check in as late as possible to reduce waiting time and stress for your pet.

    Early Check-In for Pets Traveling as Cargo

    • If your pet will be transported as cargo, check them in early so they can be placed in a quiet and dimly lit area of the cargo hold, helping them stay more comfortable throughout the flight.


    Notes for International Dog Transport

    By following these notes, you can help ensure that your pet has a safe and low-stress journey during international transport.

    Dog Relocation Services with Helen Express

    Helen Express is one of the leading and reputable units in the field of international pet transportation, especially dogs. With extensive experience and a professional team, we are committed to providing safe, convenient, and time-saving services for our customers.

    Our Working Process

    Our working process follows these detailed steps:

    Consultation and Service Booking

    • We provide thorough consultation based on your pet's breed and current health status.

    Preparation of Documents and Health Check

    • We assist in preparing all necessary documents and conducting health checks for your pet.

    Selecting and Preparing the Carrier

    • We help you choose and prepare the appropriate carrier for your pet's safe transport.

    Booking Flights and Arranging Transport

    • We handle the booking of flights and arrange the transport for your pet.

    Delivery and Transport

    • We manage the pickup and transport of your pet to the airport.

    Receiving at the Destination

    • We support the necessary procedures at the destination airport to ensure your pet clears customs quickly and safely.

    Required Permits for International Dog Transport

    To ensure a smooth journey for you and your pet, the following documents must be prepared:

    Quarantine Documents

    • Animal Quarantine Certificate Application: This official document certifies that your pet has been quarantined and is eligible for air travel.

    Pet Health Record

    • Vaccination Information: The health record must include vaccination labels with the veterinarian's signature, name, and vaccination date.

    • Rabies Vaccination: Dogs must be vaccinated against rabies at least 30 days but no more than 12 months before departure. Dogs and cats must be over 10 weeks old and vaccinated against rabies.

    Personal Documents

    • Notarized Copy/Photo of Passport: The first page of the passport of the person traveling with the dog or cat must be notarized or certified.

    Notes for Applying for Quarantine Certificates

    Timing for Quarantine Certificates

    • Obtain the quarantine certificate one day before shipping your pet by air. Visit the Veterinary Department for domestic flights or the Animal Health Department for international flights.

    Bring Your Pet for Health Check

    • Ensure to bring your pet for a health check, so the veterinary authorities can directly inspect their health condition.

    Rabies Vaccination

    • Vaccination Facilities: Rabies vaccination should be done at state veterinary clinics to ensure validity.

    • Private Clinics: If vaccinated at a private clinic, provide a photocopy of the veterinarian's practice license to validate the vaccination.

    Ensuring Smooth Pet Transport

    Proper preparation of the required documents is crucial for smooth pet transport. By following the above guidelines and notes, you will ensure your pet has a safe journey and complies with quarantine regulations.

    Based on the above information, customers will have a detailed understanding of the international dog transport service. Helen Express is always ready to assist you in preparing and completing the necessary procedures, ensuring your pet has a comfortable and safe trip.

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